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Celebrate the Summer Holidays and Ring in the New Year With These Plant Hire Ideas

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If you want to celebrate the summer holidays and observe the New Year in style, consider filling your home with great plants. Rather than purchasing plants, you can hire plants for a few festive weeks, and then, you can return them to the plant hire company.

To make your home festive and ring in the New Year on a positive note, here some of the plants you should consider hiring:

1. Holiday trees

If you like to decorate an evergreen for Christmas, Yule or whatever holiday you celebrate, you don't have to cut down a tree and display it. Instead of having a "dead" tree that sits in your home and dries out over the holiday season, you can hire a living holiday tree.

Typically, these trees come to you planted in a pot.This means you don't have to worry about investing in a tree stand. You can decorate them as you wish, and at the end of the season, you can return them to the hire company.

There, they will continue to grow until the next season, but if they become too large, they can be replanted. In some cases, after a tree has completely outgrown all reasonable pot sizes, the hire company may donate it to a reforestation project.

2. New Year's Festive Party Plants

If you're planning a New Year's party, there are a range of plants that are ideal to hire as decorations in your home. In particular, you should hire plants that look beautiful and feature symbolism related to the new year.

For example, if you want beautiful flowering plants at your party, hire roses, jasmine, lavender or orchids. In addition to looking beautiful, these plants also represent a range of desirable qualities.

For example, traditionally, roses attract love and healing to your life, jasmine is an aphrodisiac and orchids are thought to deepen friendships. All of these are great notes to begin the new year on,

Alternatively, chase luck for yourself and your guests by hiring plants such as jade plants, lucky bamboo and money tree plants.

3. Air Cleaning Plants

If you aren't throwing a party or looking for innovative holiday decor ideas, you can hire plants to help kick off your new year in a healthy way. In particular, consider hiring plants that will clean the air in your home.

English Ivy removes formaldehyde from your home, a toxin commonly found in many carpets, while the Peace Lily eliminates volatile organic compounds such as carcinogens from paints and furniture polish.