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3 Tips for Budget Lawn Care This Winter

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As winter rapidly approaches, many Australians look forward to greener grass from increased rainfall. If your lawn is not healthy and cared for over the winter months, however, you may find that you have yellow or dry patches where ideally a thick carpet of green should lay. If you desire a beautiful healthy green lawn this winter but cannot afford to invest in fancy tools or expensive fertilisers, check out these three tips for budget lawn care this winter.

Start preparing for winter early

The best way to ensure your lawn stays happy throughout the winter months is to start preparing for the cold snap in autumn. Once the soil temperatures and sunlight levels have decreased in winter, it can be difficult to resurrect a lawn that has not had the proper care leading up to the cooler weather. While warm season varieties of grass such as kikuyu and couch are popular amongst Australian homes for their ability to survive and thrive on less water over summer, these varieties experience slowed growth during the cooler months. As such, they need extra care leading up to winter so that you don't need to fork out a fortune for fertilisers, reseeding or turf.

Give your lawn a dose of minerals

Feeding your lawn with a good quality slow-release fertiliser in autumn and again in winter will replenish your grass with the minerals required to enhance growth and increase tolerance to cold. While slow-release fertilisers may not seem like a budget-friendly option, remember that they last much longer than a cheap fertiliser and will prevent the deterioration of your lawn to save you money long term. Look for a fertiliser that has high levels of nitrogen to encourage stem and leaf growth, phosphorous for root growth, and potassium for overall lawn health. If you have a soft buffalo grass variety, you may wish to apply an iron supplement to promote good lawn colour and health.

Ensure uninterrupted access to sunlight

An easy and free way to keep your grass looking good over winter is to ensure that the limited sunlight gets right to the source. Lawn clippings and leaves that are not collected will prevent the sunlight from reaching the grass, resulting in dead patches that will be difficult to rejuvenate until the weather warms. Similarly, any trees that have large overgrown branches will create a shady environment to hinder lawn growth. Take the opportunity over winter to prune trees that interrupt the path of sunlight to your lawn, remove weeds, and rake up any lawn clippings or leaves that may obstruct the growth and development of your grass.

For more information on how you can care for your lawn this winter without blowing your budget, contact your local lawn care specialists for expert advice.