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Landscaping Tips That Will Make Your Yard Friendlier For Kids

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If you have kids, having a yard on your property is a great way to allow them to play outdoors rather than keep them cooped up in the house. However, simply having a yard may not be very beneficial to them if they do not have an interest in playing outside. One of the ways to make your yard more interesting and appealing to your kids is through landscaping. Here are some landscaping tips that you could use to make your yard friendlier for your children. 

Incorporate a sand pit in your yard

Creating a sandpit in your yard is not simply about dumping some sand and letting your kids roll around in it. There are several things that you would have to consider. For one, you should enlist the services of a landscaping contractor to demarcate the area of the sandpit and have it properly fenced off. The next thing to consider would be investing in some form of shade to ensure that the kids are protected from sunburn. Shade sails are a good option as not only are they functional, but they also add a pop of colour to your yard. Lastly, invest in some play tools for your kids that can help them dig around in the pit and create different sand structures. 

Make your yard attractive to animals

Another way to make your yard more interesting to your children would be by attracting animals to it. This exposure to different forms of wildlife can ignite their curiosity while also teaching your children how to be mindful of animals. One of the easiest ways of doing this would be by planting native plants in your yard. These will attract pollinators such as butterflies and flower beetles onto your property. During the landscaping process, you should also erect some bird feeders and birdbaths. 

Create hiding spots in your yard

Children love playing hide and seek. However, if your yard is plain with no hiding spots in sight, chances are your kids will not be tempted to play this outdoors. When landscaping, consider incorporating features that will make it easy for our kids to crawl into. These include tree logs strategically placed on the property, short climbing trees and more. You could also take it a step further and customize the yard with items such as a fort or a cubby house. These give your children a variety of places to play in.