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Various Ways You Can Make Use of Decorative Pebbles

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The focal point of your home's exterior is the garden. Therefore, homeowners will strive to make it aesthetically appealing as they can with an array of foliage flowers, succulents and more. However, this is not the only way that you can make your garden attractive. Decorative pebbles provide you with an alternative way to add some visual as well as textural interest to your garden at an affordable price. Moreover, decorative pebbles can also be quite factual depending on what your needs are. The following are some of the various ways that you can make use of decorative pebbles in your garden.

Decorative pebbles as walkway pavers

One of the easiest ways to incorporate decorative pebbles in your garden would be by using them as pavers. These decorative pavers will create a natural transition from the main residence into the garden. This can be especially convenient if you have a sprawling lawn and would like to provide pathways that would lead to the different sectors of your garden. In addition to being used as walkway pavers, you can also make use of the decorative pavers as a form of flooring.

You can then transform the floored area into an exterior living space, as the pebbles will provide a stable surface for you to install outdoor furniture. For this application, opt for uniformly cut decorative pebbles that can be arranged to fit together as this would make the flooring even more stable.

Decorative pebbles as garden gravel

Over the years, more and more homeowners have had to content with water restrictions due to drought. If you have a sprawling garden, you may find yourself hard hit by these water restrictions, as it would prove to be more expensive to keep your garden lush and green. Nevertheless, this does not mean that you should let your garden dry up. Instead, you can opt for drought-tolerant landscaping by using decorative pebbles as garden gravel. Rather than simply spreading out regular pebbles on the garden, opt for colours pebbles that would complement the curb appeal of your residence.

This type of landscaping saves you the trouble of having to keep your grass hydrated and saves you the cost of having to invest in artificial turf for your lawn. If you would like to ensure that the soil in your garden remains hydrated, you should opt for permeable decorative pebbles. As such, in the event that you want to switch back to growing grass, your soil will not have been adversely affected by the lack of plant growth.