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Mower Repairs: Maintenance to Enhance Your Mower's Efficiency

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If you have a yard, a lawn mower would be must-have garden equipment to ensure that you keep the grass well-manicured. However, buying a good mower can be quite expensive making it a significant investment. Therefore, it would be crucial to ensure that it stays well cared for. A mistake homeowners make is assuming that as long as their mower is stored properly, this will keep it up and running. The reality is the heavy usage that this machinery is put through makes it susceptible to acquire damages that could end up shortening its lifespan. Below are some handy mower maintenance tips that you could use to enhance its efficiency while prolonging its shelf life.

Tip 1: Clean the filter and spark plugs

Whether you use your mower regularly or not, dirt is something you will always have to contend with. A simple maintenance measure that all homeowners should engage in is ensuring that the mower parts are cleaned on a regular basis. The air filter function to prevent debris from making its way to the internal components of the mower. Clogs and blockages in a dirty filter will put your mower at risk of overheating since it will not be receiving sufficient ventilation. It would be prudent to take this filter out on a scheduled basis to eliminate the dirt collecting inside it. The more frequently you use your mower, the more frequent the filter cleaning should be.

Another component that is prone to dirt is the spark plugs. Left to accumulate, the dirt impedes on the performance of the spark plugs and this could cause your lawn mower to fail to switch on altogether. Take the time to clean the spark plugs to prevent the dirt from caking on them.

Tip 2: Change the engine oil

For optimum efficiency, you should ensure that your mower is running on fresh oil. Nevertheless, this is an aspect that it typically overlooked by homeowners, especially when they out their mower into storage. As a result, when the mowing season rolls around, you use the mower with old and contaminated oil, which directly affects is performance. To keep the mower in good condition, you need to eliminate old oil that will have gradually accumulated acids, sludge and a host of other contaminants.

Another thing to keep in mind is to always ensure you are refilling the mower with manufacturer recommended oil rather than simply grabbing the nearest oil that is available to you.