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Want a Low-Maintenance Lush Lawn? Try Kikuyu Turf

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If you like your garden to look good but don't have green fingers or any time to spend nurturing your lawn, then you want a low-maintenance grass. Laying kikuyu turf can be an easy way to get good grass coverage and a lawn that looks after itself.

Why is kikuyu a good option for a lawn?

Kikuyu Grows Quickly

Kikuyu grass is actually classified as a weed. Don't let this put you off. Kikuyu can create a lush and attractive lawn. Like many weeds, however, it grows fast without outside help.

If you put down kikuyu turf it will root and bed in place quickly. If you seed your patch, the seeds will shoot a lot faster than other grasses. In either case, you'll see fast final results.

Kikuyu Is Low Maintenance

Some grasses need a lot of care and attention before they turn into a good-looking lawn. Kikuyu doesn't need much help at all.

For example, kikuyu turf needs less water than other grasses. Some grasses die down when they get very dry, but kikuyu is quite tolerant in dry conditions. On the other hand, it's not adversely affected by very wet conditions, either. So you don't need to worry about watering this grass so much or keeping it dry.

You also don't need fertilise or feed kikuyu turf as much as other lawns. Like any grass, it grows best when it has good soil, but it can establish itself in soils that aren't in great condition. You don't need to improve the quality of your soil before you lay this turf.

Kikuyu Is Hardy

Some grasses are better at coping with damage than others. For example, if you have kids and dogs running around your lawn, then some grasses will eventually wear down. This makes your lawn look patchy, and you may need to reseed or returf parts of it to get it looking good again.

Kikuyu turf is very resistant to damage. Even if you have a pack of hooligans playing footy on your lawn all summer long, kikuyu will handle damage a lot more effectively than other grasses. It gives thicker coverage, making it less likely to wear down. Its ability to grow and spread quickly covers any patches automatically.

While kikuyu grass is low maintenance, you'll still need to mow your lawn regularly to keep it looking good and to stop the grass from spreading too much. If you think kikuyu turf is the best option for your new lawn, talk to your landscape supply company.