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Reasons to Choose Spray Grass Over Grass Seed and Sod

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Working on an old and worn-out lawn can have a property owner questioning their ability to restore the yard's aesthetics. The good news is that advancements in lawn care can turn any hardscape, no matter how bad it looks, into an impeccable work of art. Therefore, different types of grass lawns and turfs are readily available to homeowners. However, most property owners don't know whether to install grass seed, sod or spray grass. If you find yourself in such a predicament, this article highlights reasons you should choose spray grass.

Professional Landscaping

If you have decided to landscape your lawn with turf, then you can either make it a DIY project or let a professional landscaper do the work for you. Sod and grass seed are options that a homeowner can install individually or hire a contractor. However, if you are looking for an option that doesn't tempt you to go the DIY way, then spray grass is the best choice. The reason is that the application of spray grass requires special spray equipment in which grass seeds, water and fertiliser are mixed. The result is a stunning, evenly layered spray-grass lawn that will last longer than if you decided to tackle the project as a DIY.

Warranty Window of Installation 

Any landscaping professional will tell you that grass types grow well when installed in the optimal climate. For instance, grass seeds are preferably installed in the fall; however, the grass can also be installed in spring or summer but with less appealing results. Sod, on the other hand, can be installed all year round; therefore, you do not have to schedule the installation. However, spray grass comes with a warranty window. Notably, most spray grass suppliers offer a three-month warranty period for spray grass. The warranty is only valid if the homeowner installs the spray grass within the specified three-month period. If the spray seeds don't sprout as desired, the supplier will replace the seeds with fresh ones.

Fast Growth

Grass seeds need patience because it takes several months before you can see a full yard of green grass. If you are in a hurry to give your property a facelift, grass seed should be the last choice. Spray grass, on the other hand, grows fast mainly because it is a blanket mixture of grass seeds and fertiliser. The elements hold well together, thereby ensuring the seeds stay in place which rapid growth. However, note that spray grass requires a lot of watering to grow at the desired rate.