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Why You Should Lay Your New Turf As Soon As You Get It

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If you bought a home that was in need of renovation, you might have inherited a lawn that was definitely in need of some care. In this case, you may have decided to dig everything up and start afresh, as this will be far simpler than trying to salvage something that was too far gone. Before you place an order for fresh turf, however, make sure that you can adjust your schedule accordingly. You will want to coordinate this very carefully with your resource because you could encounter a major problem. What do you need to know?

Receiving Your Turf

When you receive the new turf for your landscaping supplier, it will come in neatly packaged rolls, ready to be used. This is by far the best way to transport this product but never be tempted to take delivery and simply leave the turf to one side until you have time to lay it down.

Time Is of the Essence

Your turf supplier will have done everything in their power to harvest and deliver the turf to you in as short a time as possible. They will rely on machines that carefully, quickly and effectively cut some of the roots away from each selection before rolling everything up carefully. As soon as the roots are cut away, the grass will begin to stress. While this is inevitable, it is not ideal, so you need to ensure that you lay the turf as soon as you get it.

Even though some of the roots have been cut off in this process, they will definitely grow back. Just ensure that you lay down the turf as soon as your landscape supplier delivers it, and then apply water as directed.

Overheating Turf

If you have ever maintained a compost heap at the bottom of your garden for any length of time, you know how much heat can build up in this situation. Heat stress can also build up within a roll of turf, as well, and this is another reason why you should act as quickly as possible when the product is delivered. If you allow it to sit overnight so that you can get a good run at it in the morning, you may cause significant damage. In this case, you may not be able to salvage this patch of turf and may need to order afresh.

Careful Coordination

Always coordinate your delivery carefully with the landscaping supply company. Be ready to get to work as soon as they arrive, and everything should be fine.