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How To Choose The Best Lawnmower For Your First Home

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Every Saturday morning across Australia the sound of lawnmowers firing up can be heard for miles around. A lot of people take great pride in their lawns and making sure it is at the right height at all times is top of the list of required maintenance. If you are choosing a lawnmower for the first time, however, you may have considerably less experience in knowing what is good and what is to be avoided. Here are three beginner tips to consider when looking at the lawnmowers for sale at your local landscape or hardware store.

Do Not Buy A Manual/Push Mower

There have been a lot of retro things that have come back in style to commemorate a time gone by, from hairstyles to home design choices and even certain technological items like old fashioned cameras. One item that you should avoid at all costs is the old manual or push mowers that people used before gas-powered mowers were available. These might seem like a fun contraption to use and you will save money on petrol but the truth is they are incredibly unwieldy to use. Going around corners is almost impossible, getting a neat trim is unheard of and you will likely end up getting a gas-powered lawnmower anyway. Some things have gone mostly extinct for a reason!

Electric Options Are Becoming More Of A Wise Investment

Electric lawnmower sales have sharply risen in popularity with everyone trying to lower their carbon emissions in any way they can. In the past, these electric lawnmowers were much slower, less powerful and had very short batteries, but that has all changed. Modern electric lawnmowers can be just as powerful as their petrol counterparts. Although they are more expensive up front, they do save money in the long term on petrol. Don't rule out electric because of old stigmas against them; they can be very good value at the right price!

Ride-On Mowers Struggle With Trees

Every green thumb's dream toy is a ride-on mower, and they aren't as expensive as they used to be. If you consider getting one then you need to remember one very important detail: they can struggle around trees. If your garden has a lot of trees or shrubbery, then ride-on lawnmowers for sale might be a bit too tricky to justify, unless of course, you get a smaller mower that is used to touch up these edges once you are done!