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5 Ways of Controlling Environmental Erosion

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Erosion occurs when wind, water or ice carries away and deposits material in another place. While erosion is a natural process, human activities can accelerate it. This blog post will discuss five ways of controlling environmental erosion. Read on to learn more!

1. Construct retaining walls to prevent soil from washing away

You can use walls and dams made of rocks, concrete or brick to slow down or stop water from carrying away soil particles. If you notice that your garden is at risk of being washed away by rainfall, consider constructing some walls to keep things in place.

2. Cover bare soil with a layer of mulch or straw to protect it 

Mulch can form a protective layer of material that prevents the soil underneath it from eroding. Straw works similarly by breaking up water droplets before they can carry away any topsoil. If you have bare areas on your lawn, consider using mulch or straw to cover them up and prevent erosion for good.

3. Use ground cover plants to keep the topsoil in place

Ground cover plants are designed to take root firmly into the earth, while thick leaves help protect their roots against rainwater runoff. By choosing these types of flowers, trees and other vegetation, we can increase the depth of topsoil while also increasing its ability to resist wind damage.

4. Disperse rainwater runoff over a wider area

When the rainfall on our property is concentrated around one specific area, it can cause some severe damage to the surrounding soil. Instead of allowing all of the rain to head in one direction, you should try to spread it out more evenly across our land by making use of things like swales and runnels. By combining these methods, you can better control environmental erosion on your property.

5. Create windbreaks

You can form windbreaks of rows of trees close to each other. Doing this naturally reduces wind speeds and has a correspondingly positive impact on erosion rates in the surrounding soil. This is why many farmers will use windbreak farming methods to control environmental erosion and keep their land protected from destructive forces like hurricanes and strong storms. By planting your own wind barrier, you can prevent potentially dangerous levels of erosion from taking place after the next storm!

If you would like to find out more, you should contact a landscaping company that offers erosion control services.

For more information on environmental erosion control, contact a company near you.