Landscaping the school grounds

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How to Make Your Landscaping Job Standout with Creative Use of Brick

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If you are rubbing your hands with anticipation at the thought of landscaping your new space, your mind may be brimming with so many ideas already. Yet when it comes to the “hard” features, have you even considered some artistic and practical use of the humble brick? You’d be surprised at what you can achieve by being different. Why is this a better option? Why Bricks Are Such a Good Choice Read More»

Clearing Up Some Misconceptions About Ride-On Mowers

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A ride-on mower is a great choice for homeowners because they promise less physical exertion when cutting the grass. Ride-on mowers also typically offer a wider cutting path, so they can reduce the actual time spent mowing. However, you may be hesitant about getting a ride-on mower simply because you have some misconceptions about their operation, or don’t know the best type to get for your lawn. Note a few of those misconceptions here, so you can separate the fact from fiction, and then choose the best type of mower for your property. Read More»

Making the Most of a Shady Garden

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Most people would love their garden to be a real suntrap, a place where they can bathe in bright warmth all day long. In reality, of course, not everyone can have their own slice of outdoor paradise and, although all gardens will have a bit of shade in places, you may have found yourself stuck with a particularly shady outdoor space. An abundance of shade doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy gardening as much as those with sunny gardens, and it doesn’t mean you can’t get a lot of pleasure from your outdoor space, either. Read More»

Mower Repairs: Maintenance to Enhance Your Mower's Efficiency

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If you have a yard, a lawn mower would be must-have garden equipment to ensure that you keep the grass well-manicured. However, buying a good mower can be quite expensive making it a significant investment. Therefore, it would be crucial to ensure that it stays well cared for. A mistake homeowners make is assuming that as long as their mower is stored properly, this will keep it up and running. The reality is the heavy usage that this machinery is put through makes it susceptible to acquire damages that could end up shortening its lifespan. Read More»

Commercial Landscaping: Various Benefits of Installing Grass Pavers

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Your property’s paving is not supposed to be exclusively functional. It should also be aesthetically appealing so that it can enhance the overall landscaping of your property. One of the options that you could consider when looking for both these characteristics is grass pavers. These are concrete slabs that are hollowed to enable the growth of plants, flowers or grass through them. They are typically laid down in a honeycomb formation but you have the flexibility to be as creative with them as you would want. Read More»