Landscaping the school grounds

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Want a Low-Maintenance Lush Lawn? Try Kikuyu Turf

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If you like your garden to look good but don’t have green fingers or any time to spend nurturing your lawn, then you want a low-maintenance grass. Laying kikuyu turf can be an easy way to get good grass coverage and a lawn that looks after itself. Why is kikuyu a good option for a lawn? Kikuyu Grows Quickly Kikuyu grass is actually classified as a weed. Don’t let this put you off. Read More»

Two reasons why every professional landscaper should have a ride on mower

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If you run a landscaping business, it’s worth purchasing a ride on mower. Read on to find out why. It could increase your enterprise’s profitability Performing your work at a slow pace will have a negative impact on your business’ profitability. As such, it is important to invest in equipment that will enable you to carry out your landscaping work quickly and efficiently, so that you can complete a greater number of landscaping projects in a shorter amount of time (and thus earn more money). Read More»