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Residential Property Surveys- Who Needs Them?

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Hiring the services of a licensed property surveyor is seldom a cheap undertaking. This is because of the importance attached to the services that the mentioned professionals provide to the general public. Individuals looking to invest in residential property may need to enlist the services of professional land surveyors at different stages of the property acquisition process (and even after such property has been acquired). Discussed in this article are a few scenarios that create the need for a professional land survey when looking to purchase residential property. Read More»

The Grass is Greener: How to Care For Your Synthetic Lawn

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While one of the benefits of installing synthetic grass into your garden is that is does not require any cutting, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t need maintaining. Below are some simple steps you can take to maintain and care for your synthetic lawn. Washing While rainfall is the best thing for cleaning synthetic grass, it is possible you don’t live in an area with high rainfall. If that is the case, quickly spraying your synthetic grass using a garden hose will help to remove any dust, dirt or pollen which has built up on the lawn. Read More»

Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Garden Contractor

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One of the greatest things about living in Australia is the beautiful, sunny weather, and if you are fortunate enough to have a garden, you no doubt want to spend as much time outdoors on your property as possible. With that said, you can only enjoy your outdoor time if your garden is up to scratch, and if you are not green fingered, you may need to lean on the talents of a garden contractor to help you out with some professional landscaping. Read More»

3 Tips for Budget Lawn Care This Winter

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As winter rapidly approaches, many Australians look forward to greener grass from increased rainfall. If your lawn is not healthy and cared for over the winter months, however, you may find that you have yellow or dry patches where ideally a thick carpet of green should lay. If you desire a beautiful healthy green lawn this winter but cannot afford to invest in fancy tools or expensive fertilisers, check out these three tips for budget lawn care this winter. Read More»

Celebrate the Summer Holidays and Ring in the New Year With These Plant Hire Ideas

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If you want to celebrate the summer holidays and observe the New Year in style, consider filling your home with great plants. Rather than purchasing plants, you can hire plants for a few festive weeks, and then, you can return them to the plant hire company. To make your home festive and ring in the New Year on a positive note, here some of the plants you should consider hiring: Read More»